City Walking Tour:
From Past to Present

What can be better than learning the city during the relaxing walk along the secret places and enjoying the highlights. Irkutsk, as well as any other provincial town, keeps the special stories related to its citizens and ancient buildings

4 hours
all year round
1 -20
Number of people in group
Tour information

Sights and entertainments:
the historical center, Upper Embankment of the Angara river, drama theater, central streets, fountain, monument to the first settlers of Siberia, local cuisine

Detailed program

Our excursion will begin in the place of the old Irkutsk fortress.

- Here you will get acquainted with the history of conquest of Siberia, you'll learn about the life of locals before arrival of the first settlers, and you'll see the monuments and buildings, contemporary with these events

- Walk on Lenin Street along two-storied stone mansions will allow you to know about the life of citizens in the past

- At Karl Marx Street we will glance in the shops' window and see the change for more than 100 years

- We will visit the local central market to stock up with pleasant and tasty souvenirs - local candies, pine nuts and taiga tea

- At the end of the excursion we will have dinner in cafe and try the most known and tasty local delicacies (at your choice – dishes of the Buryat or Siberian cuisine)

Price of the tour
Number of people in
Price in dollars per person
1 00
Price includes:

-guide services (4 hours)
-lunch (or dinner) in local cafe

Additionally paid:

- guide services (above the determined time)
- souvenirs
- other meals

Always happy to help you finding the best tour

Tanya Tomitova

Guide and travel agent at Baikal