mountain air and healing springs

Two unforgettable days on the territory of Buryatia will allow you to dive into the world of natural reserved areas, take a walk through the forest paths to the magnificent waterfalls and learn the Buryat culture better.

You will see the Sayan Mountains, that look like colored postcards and are able to take your breath away. Photos, taken in these places, will allow you to take a piece of these magical energy with you.

2 days
all year round
1 -10
Number of people in group
Tour information

Sights and entertainments:
Tunkinskaya valley, mineral springs, Buddhist datsan, walk to the waterfalls, swimming pool, Buryat cuisine
NB: Arshan is located at the distance of 113 km from Baikal

Detailed program

1 day

Early in the morning departure to the village of Arshan.
Drive along the serpentine mountain road. In two hours - stop at the viewpoint of the southern part of Lake Baikal.

Here you will see, how the smooth surface of the water merges with the endless blue sky, and the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, bordering Baikal, rise above the surface of the water.

Lunch at the roadside cafe, and relaxing drive along Tunkinskaya Valley, crossed by the calm Irkut River. Stop at the border with the Republic of Buryatia with the Buddhist shrine - Stupa.

Upon arrival in Arshan, walk through the village of Arshan on foot, dinner with local dishes, walk along the mountain speedy Kyngarga river. It's possible to rent horses.

Night in the village of Arshan

2 day

Excursion to the most picturesque waterfall. 2 kilometers hike along the forest path .

Stop at the places with panoramic views of the valley. We will admire the snow-white mountains, drink water from healing springs, you will learn beautiful Buryat legends about the area and touch the curing waters of the Eye Source.

Visit to the Buddhist temple, situated at the green meadow, walk around Stupa in solitude. You can also talk to lama-astrologer and find out the forecast for the coming year.

In the evening we will arrive in Irkutsk.

Price of the tour
Number of people in the group
Price in rubles per person
more than 6

Included in cost:

vehicle rental
- guide services
- accommodation in a hotel in Arshan (1 night)
- food (breakfasts, dinners),
- entrance tickets to waterfalls

Additional charge:

-lunch on the way
-additional excursions
-extra charge for accommodation in a superior room

You should take with you:

-cash for purchases, souvenirs
-swimsuit (for the pool in springs or swimming pool)

Always happy to help you finding the best tour

Tanya Tomitova

Guide and travel agent at Baikal