Listvyanka: Greeting Baikal

The short one-day excursion to the settlement, which is only 68 kilometers from Irkutsk, will be ideal for those who want to see and learn as much as possible during the short trip to the majestic lake.

You will be able to enjoy the trip along good highway with forest landscapes and visit not only museums, but also you'll admire Lake Baikal and the beginning of Angara from a bird's eye.

1 days / 0 nights
all year round
1 -10
Number of people in group
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Sights and entertainments:
the museum of wooden architecture of Taltsy, the viewpoint at Chersky's stone, Baikal museum, fish aquariums, omul, fish and souvenir market

Detailed program

Day 1

During this excursion in only one day you will be able to find all necessary information about Baikal, local people and exploring the lands around Baikal.

- during the trip along the route, which passes along the Angara River, you will be excited by the interesting facts about flora and fauna of Baikal and beautiful legends, explaining the world order and local geography.

- pacifying walk along the museum, immersed in greenery, birches and coniferous trees, will give you an idea of how there lived peasants and local people during the hard period of Siberia's exploration.

- in Taltsy museum you will also see the real Buryat yurta, built in due form and in which original household items are presented

- in Listvyanka we will get to the viewpoint, from which the beautiful view of the lake and Angara beginning opens, and you'll learn about the Buryat tradition to bind in sacred places color ribbons and rules of visit of such places

- we will also walk along the village, make the ritual of greeting Baikal according to all local traditions, we will visit sights, such as Saint Nicholas church, fish and souvenir market, Baikal museum with the results of researches and aquariums with inhabitants of the lake.

Price of the tour
Number of people in the group
Price in dollars per person
more than 5

Price includes:

-car rent (7 hours)
-guide services (7 hours)
-tickets in Taltsy museum, Baikal museum, the chairlift to Chersky's stone

Additionally paid:

-car rent (above the determined time)
-guide services (above the determined time)
-entrance tickets in the museums, not included into the program

Always happy to help you finding the best tour

Tanya Tomitova

Guide and travel agent at Baikal