JUNE 15 - 19

This tour is for those, who'd like to have a real vacation on the shore of Baikal, with meditation, workshops and excursions to the most picturesque places of the area.
The tour includes Russian sauna visit, exercises and meeting with shaman

- be filled with the natural energy of lake Baikal
- come to a state of balance with the help of modern coaching techniques and meditations
- restore your strength in the Siberian bath
- eat delicious and healthy, energy providing food
- devote time to the health of your body
- learn the wisdom of ancient times with the help of local legends
- touch shamanistic traditions
For those who want to:
Tour information
Sights and entertainments:
Olkhon island, photo session on lake Baikal, meeting with a shaman, sauna, master classes, excursions to the North and South of the island
Detailed program

1 day

Meeting of guests. Airport "Irkutsk"/Railway station "Irkutsk-Passenger." The road to Olkhon. Journey time is 5-6 hours (including lunch stop and ferry crossing). The distance to Khujir is 290 km.

After a little rest - dinner, acquaintance evening. Excursion to Cape Burkhan.
Workshop "Power of Intention" on the shore of Baikal. Group training session on setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them. Meditative practices to determine true wishes.

2 day

Breathing exercises. Simple breathing exercises in the open air on the shore of Baikal will give energy for the whole day. The tour to Khoboy in the north of the island. The program includes visits to places such as the Three Brothers Rock, Cape Shuntae and Uzury Valley, with scenic views of rocks, water, and sandy and pebble beaches.

During the trip you will have an opportunity to participate in the photo shoot. After the excursion - master class "Energy sources. Condition of a resource". You will learn 10 simple ways to quickly and effectively replenish your forces, recover and apply them immediately in the place of force - on Baikal. After the master class meditation of filling and gratitude on the shore of the lake.

Meeting with the shaman. Communication with the spirits of the area is part of the life of the local indigenous population - drilled, and the mediators of this process are shamans. You will have the opportunity to touch ancient traditions.

3 day

Excursion to Ogoy.

During this tour on the high-speed water vessel along Baikal you will visit the island of Ogoy with the only Buddhist step of Enlightenment in this region and perform all the rituals necessary according to ancient traditions.

In the second part of the excursion we will have the opportunity to visit the mainland and have lunch in the local cafe of national cuisine.
After the excursion - workshop "60-minutes time management" You will be able to determine, what really inspires you and gives energy, and which should be postponed or completely removed from your list.

We will define your true desires, values and talents, as well as outline ways to fulfil them.

4 day

Excursion to the south of Olkhon Island.

The excursion passes through Honhoy Lake, near the small village, Yalga. The lake is 12 km from Hujir and represents water body 5-8m deep with warm water. During the excursion you will learn a lot about life, local culture, shamanism, as well beautiful Burat legends. Lunch picnic .
After dinner - class "Effective detox: power giving energy." You will learn several simple and effective ways of useful healthy nutrition recipes.

Evening - skin care procedures in Siberian bath with natural scrubs and peeling. Hot steam sauna.

5 day

Transfer back to Irkutsk
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Program Author
Tomitova Tatyana Timofeevna
- guide and Lake Baikal travel agent with experience over 13 years

- certified transformational coach, coach-consultant for unlocking internal potential

- representative of the local indigenous population of Lake Baikal

- expert on the study of shamanism in the region

Hotel Conditions
Accommodation in the cosy new hotel made of environmentally friendly materials.
There is everything you need for rest: amenities, beautiful views from the window and pleasant atmosphere.
Price of the tour
Количество человек в группе
Стоимость в рублях, с человека
Более 6
38 000
33 000
28 000
49 500 rub.
For early bookings BEFORE MARCH:
45 500 rub.

Included in cost:

- services of the guide
- Services of certified coach
- Private van services
- Accommodation in the comfortable hotel on Olkhon Island in twin /double / single rooms with all the amenities in the room
- meals
- ritual and communication with shaman
- 3 excursions o: cape Khoboy, Ogoy island, to the south of the island
- 4 lessons from certified coach
- bath
- Photo shoot from the professional photographer

Price does not include:

- Additional excursions

Always happy to help you finding the best tour

Tanya Tomitova

Guide and travel agent at Baikal